Eagle River
25 september ~ 2 oktober 2004

Saturday the 25th of September we did take it easy, had a look around the area of our new B&B and bought some groceries at Fred Meyers. It had been snowing that night. The trees had become heavy with all that snow, so people were busy scraping it off. We thought it was a pretty sight, the trees covered with snow. Unfortunately you couldn’t see the Chugach mountains very well that day.

Sunday the 26th of September we visited a friend in Palmer. Again we couldn’t see the mountains due to the ‘bad’ weather (rain and snow), but it still was a beautiful route to drive. We took the Glenn Highway to Palmer and took the Old Glenn Highway back to Eagle River. Made a stop at Eklutna and visited the Indian cemetery – pretty sight with all those coloured boxes. Then we went on to Eklutna Lake.

Monday 27th of September we had to scrape off the ice on our car before we were able to go to Portage. The entire day the weather was beautiful and sunny. We keep saying it – it was a beautiful route to drive. Every now and then we stopped for photos and outhouses:-).
Arrived at Portage Lake we noticed a big iceberg. The night before it broke off Portage Glacier, during a storm. The iceberg was as big as a house, they said. The visitor center is really worth it, to visit.
After that we took a quick drive through Big Game Alaska. Here they take care of sick and orphaned animals.

Tuesday the 28th of September started out with rain, and later that day we had wet snow. We did some grocery shopping and enjoyed the fireplace at the B&B. At the end of the day we went outside, heading towards Eagle River Nature Centre. The closer we got the more snow there was. We walked the Rodak Trail, 1.2 kilometres, there was no one to be seen, except for some ducks and beavers. It was a serene picture with all that snow.

Wednesday 29th of September we went by the visitor center and walked part of the Coastline trail where we saw James Cook’s monument. It was a rainy day. Back home we had to pack our bags, because it was time to go home again.

Thursday 30th of September we left our chalet at 11 a.m. and spent some time in Anchorage. First we went to the Experience Theatre and then to the Museum of History and Art. It was a very informative museum. In the small shop we learned a lot about Native Americans etc.
About 5 p.m. we brought back the wheelchair and went to the airport.

Friday the 1st of October our flight departed early in the morning - at 12.50 AM We flew via Seattle and Washington D.C. back to Amsterdam. Everything went smoothly this time.

Saturday the 2nd of October we arrived at 6.30 a.m. at Schiphol. We drank a cup of coffee and went back home.

Alaska is fabulous and thoroughly recommended for 
everyone who loves to experience nature in all its glory.


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