19-24 september 2004

Sunday the 19th of September was a peaceful day. We walked a bit in the area of Frog Pond B&B. It was a wonderful place with a lot of birches.

Monday 20th of September we had to get up early, because we were picked up at 6.30 by Arctic Turtle Tour and headed towards the Arctic Circle. We were the only tourists that day, so we got extra attention:-). During this 300 kilometre drive there were lots of outhouses. The weather was pretty good, about 0 degrees Celsius (32F). At the Arctic Circle we had a picnic outside; a healthy, tasty lunch, that was prepared by them. Since it was just the 3 of us, the journey went by faster than expected and about 5.30 p.m. we were dropped off at our B&B again.

Tuesday the 21st of September we got to see the Northern Lights. It was very cold outside, but we were able to see them from out of the garden. After a few hours the lights ‘danced’ and that was really an amazing sight. There were also many stars to be seen, very cool.
Later that day we got our rental car and visited the 'museum of the north' at the University of Fairbanks. That was pretty interesting. Nice shop. 
We stopped at the Musk Ox Farm and got to visit it because it happened to be open, despite the end of the season, so we could go in. It was different than we thought.

Wednesday the 22nd of September we went to North Pole; a small village with the Santa Clause House. It was fun to see and smell the taste of Christmas. From there on we drove to Chena Hot Springs, which was lovely outside in the spring. We had some lunch in the restaurant there. We didn’t see many cars during the drive back to Fairbanks. This too, was a very beautiful route to drive and see wildlife (moose mainly).

Thursday the 23rd of September we went to Alaskaland (called Pioneer park now), despite the rain. Inside Pioneer park everything was closed, but it was still nice to see.
Afterwards we went to Fairbanks, not a great town. The visitor center was nice and warm and they were very helpful too. Fairbanks was a wheelchair friendly city, for the most part anyway:-)
We did some shopping and at the end of the day we brought the wheelchair back to Frontier Medical.

Friday the 24th of September USAVE car rentals (where we rented our car) took us to the airport. There we were allowed to take an earlier flight to Anchorage. They had a strict security system. Even our handbags (and us) were checked carefully.
The flight was very impressive. Above all those mountains, the sun was shining, so we had a great view.
Within an hour we were back in Anchorage, picked up our rental car and wheelchair and we were on our way to Alaska Chalet B&B in Eagle River.


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